• Trenta Lodge

    The Trenta Museum and Triglav National Park Museum present the cultural landscape, nature and life in Trenta in the past.

    The Ravelnik open-air museum

    A part of the Austro-Hungarian defence line that saw fierce fighting during the Isonzo Front is linked by a short circular trail that contains part of the Walk of Peace.

    Šunik water hurst

    The waterfalls on the Šunik have created green pools and noisy white-water sections. The multi-level waterfalls are up to 25 m high.

  • Kluže Fortress

    It is an important monument to the defence against Turkish invasions, Napoleon's army and attacks during World War One.

    Virje waterfall

    This magical spot at the Virje waterfall is a perfect destination for photographers, couples in love and people looking for relaxation.

    Soča river

    One of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, the Soča is an important natural treasure in the Triglav National Park.

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Information on 2014/2015 Winter offer

Ski in Sella Nevea, Tarvisio or Kranjska Gora with discounted prices for guests staying in Bovec!

The woods are still green

A new film Gozdovi so še vedno zeleni (The woods are still green) is coming soon to the cinema. The film is about the World War I and the Soča front and contains an anti-war message; at the same time, it is a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the war in the Soča Valley.  

Vrsic pass is opened for cars only.

Due to winter conditions on the road, Vrsic pass is opened for cars only. Buses and heavy vehicles over 3,5 t are required to pull out of traffic.

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