Ski touring

The pristine snow covering the wild, isolated Alpine slopes, and the fairy-tale surroundings of the Julian Alps are a paradise for touring skiers who enjoy idyllic ski touring.  

Bovec, set in the heart of the high mountains is the perfect base for ski touring and offers opportunities for almost all snow conditions and categories of skiers:

Easier tours: 

Mt.Stol, Čisti Vrh or Mangart saddle;

ski touring classics

Mojstrovka, ridge of Krn, both, south sites such as the Krn lake area

Demanding tours

a tour through Mlinarica, Špička or through the remote valley of Bala.

Not many people know that the most beautiful descent from the summit Kanjavec, the most famous Slovenian Ski mountaineering mountain, right in the valley of the Zadnjica in Bovec side.

In March and April is expected to open hut by the Krn lakes (contact PD Nova Gorica: 00386 5 30 23 030), which opens wide possibilities of ski touring in the area of Krn, Komna, Triglav lakes all the way to the southern Bohinj mountains.



When visiting the mountains, it is recommended that you hire a qualified guide and use the right equipment. Familiar with the surrounding mountains, the local guides can help you choose the right ski touring route


As conditions in the mountains can change rapidly, please pay special attention to the weather forecast, the risk of avalanches and sunshine in the spring months, but above all do not overestimate your skills and abilities.

When ski touring always carry the necessary safety equipment: Avalanche Transceiver, Probe and a shovel.

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