Zip Line

Two of Europe's largest flying foxes parks (also known as Tyrolean traverse or zip line parks) are an attraction in the Bovec area and the Soča valley.


Zipline park is set in the picturesque and unspoilt Učja valley. Eight steel cables of different lengths (250-400m) rise from 100 to 150 vertical meters above the river Učja. In addition to exciting zipline you will enjoy unforgettable, breathtaking panoramic views towards the canyon Učja, Globoški potok stream, slope of Krn with Kobarid basin, Soča valley, Bovec basin and our highest mountain - Mount Triglav. Experienced guides, who will accompany you during  trip, will also educate you with information on protected animal and plant species in the unspoiled valley of Učja river and its history. The canyon Učja is under the protection of Natura 2000.

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