Other watersports

Kayaking, rafting and canyoning are far from being the only water activities offered by the Soča valley. There are endless navigation gadgets, and so are the tricks you can do with them!

Hydrospeed / Riverboarding

The excitement of discovering the Soča from up close, with flippers and a large plastic board, is gaining in popularity. Hydrospeed (riverboarding) on the Soča is suitable for good swimmers of all ages. The activity is organised by sports companies when the water level is high enough to cover most rocks and you can enjoy the refreshing emerald river.

Open kayak / Sit-on-top

Tackling the rapids on the emerald Soča is a special experience in an open kayak (sit on top), which is easier to manage, more stable and unsinkable. It is especially suitable for less experienced kayakers. Open kayak activities on the Soča and the Koritnica are organised by sports companies in the Bovec area. They make sure to choose a route of appropriate difficulty.

SUP / Stand  up paddle boarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a new and exciting way to take on the river, a new feature in the Bovec area and the Soča valley. In addition to SUP on the Soča, sports companies also organise this activity on the Lago del Predil lake and the lake at Most na Soči.


As the name itself says, bellyak is a kind of a kayak on which you lie on our belly and direct yourselves with hands. Bellyak is a mixture of kayak and surf and offers an amusing experience on white water as well.