The Soča and its tributaries are a paradise for fly fishing, the only permitted method of fishing in the Bovec area. The famous marble trout, grayling and rainbow trout are the fly fishers' favourites.

The Bovec fishing grounds are divided into two areas:

Area I, Catch and Retain

The Soča river (from the Lepenjica and Soča confluence to Kršovec; from the bridge at Čezsoča to the Kamno bridge),

the Učja river (from the Slovenian-Italian border to the confluence with the Soča).

Catch and Release area

The Soča river (from the Brvce bridge to the Lepenjica and Soča confluence; from Kršovec to the bridge at Čezsoča),

the Lepenjica stream,

the Koritnica river (from the bridge at Kluže to the Koritnica and Soča confluence).

Fishing is prohibited in the rivers and waters outside of these areas.
The fishing grounds are under the competence of the Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia and the Tolmin Fishing Club.

Fish in the Bovec fishing grounds:



Marble trout
(Salmo Marmoratus)

Endemic in the Adriatic river basin, this fish can grow to 140 cm and weighs up to 24 kg. All waters. 1.4.–30.9. 60
(Thymallus thymallus)
An indigenous salmonid, this fish can grow to 60 cm and weighs up to 2 kg. The Soča (downstream from Mala korita), the Koritnica (downstream from Kluže), mouth of the Učja. 16.5.–31.10. 45
Brown trout
(Salmo trutta fario)
This non-indigenous trout breeds successfully with the marble trout; it can grow to 70 cm and weighs up to 6 kg. Lives in all waters apart from five locations with pure marble trout. 1.4.–31.10. 26
Marble trout and brown trout hybrids The appearance of these fish varies; they can grow to 1 m and weigh up to 10 kg. Locations with the marble trout and brown trout. 1.4.–31.10. 26
Rainbow trout
(Oncorhynchus mykiss)
This fish was released into rivers from fish farms; it can grow to 80 cm and weighs up to 8 kg. The Soča (downstream from Mala korita), the Koritnica (downstream from Kluže), mouth of the Učja. 1.4.–31.10. 24


The open season in the Catch and Release area is from 1 April to 31 October.

Prices and permits for fly fishing on the Soča:

Fly fishing rules and important information:

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