Bovec is a destination with a rich and colourful history. The most important historical events include Napoleon's march across Predel and events in World War One, described in A Farewell to Arms by the famous writer Ernest Hemingway.

The Isonzo Front, World War One in Bovec and Soča valley

The front line between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies crossed the Bovec area and the Soča valley. After years of vicious fighting, the areas of Rombon, the Bovec basin, Ravelnik, Slatenik, the Krn mountains and the mountains around the Tolmin basin and Kobarid were left riddled with fortifications, caverns, fire trenches, the remains of military equipment and cemeteries; today, these reminders of the war are linked together by the Walk of Peace.

Between June 1915 and November 1917, twelve battles took place on the Isonzo Front. The final battle, known asThe Miracle at Kobarid, started in the Bovec basin and saw the Austro-Hungarian and German armies launch a poison gas attack, taking the Italian defence by surprise.

Bosnian, Czech and Hungarian soldiers also fought on the front line.

Bovec has suffered frequent natural disasters, the most recent of which include three major earthquakes (in 1976, 1998 and 2004) and a landslide in Log pod Mangartom (2000), which thoroughly altered the appearance of the landscape.

Historical tourist attractions and experiences in Bovec and the surrounding area:

  • discovering the Isonzo Front on the Walk of Peace: visit the Ravelnik and Čelo open-air museums;
  • see a Društvo 1313 performance and the permanent exhibition in the Kluže fort;
  • see the private collections of the Isonzo Front collectors;
  • visit the permanent exhibition on Bovec in the Stergulc House;
  • visit the Trenta Museum.