The Triglav National Park

The only national park in Slovenia and a veritable paradise for fans of pristine nature, the Triglav National Park boasts a number of natural sights, including the Julian Alps with Triglav (2864 m), Slovenia's highest mountain.

Situated along the Soča river in the Bovec area, the Soča Trail leads into the heart of the Triglav National Park (TNP). A slideshow of TNP-themed photographs can be seen in the Trenta Lodge, which also houses the TNP information centre.

The main natural and cultural sights in the TNP

In the Bovec area, the TNP comprises dozens of natural and cultural treasures. The most popular include:

  • the Soča river, the source of the Soča and the Velika korita gorge,
  • the Alpinum Juliana botanical garden,
  • the Trenta Museum,
  • the Krnska jezera lakes,
  • Kriški podi,
  • the Kluže fort,
  • Mangartsko sedlo.

Zemljevid TNP

Information on the Triglav National Park (TNP)

  • size: 880 km²;
  • landscape: the young jagged peaks of the Eastern Julian Alps, forests (predominantly beech, spruce and larch), plenty of groundwater, karst water sources, rivers, streams and picturesque glacial lakes;
  • plant life: endemic species of mountain flowers such as the Triglav hawksbeard (Crepis Terglouensis), the Julian poppy (Papaver julicum), a species of aconite (Aconitum angustifolium) and Zois' bellflower (Campanula zoysii);
  • animal life: birds (golden eagle, griffon vulture, wood grouse, black grouse and hazel grouse), brown bear, lynx, chamois, Alpine ibex, Alpine marmot, roe deer, deer, mountain hare, beech marten, fox, badger, etc.

Rules of conduct in the Triglav National Park

  • Respect the customs and traditions of the people who live in the park.
  • Do not make any noise so as not to disturb the wildlife.
  • Admire the plants, but do not pick them. 
  • Do not leave any waste in the park, but take it with you
  • Dogs should be kept on a leash
  • Park trails are intended for hikers, and cycling along the trails is not permitted.
  • Follow the signs on information posts along the trails.
  • Leave vehicles in designated places.

The majority of the park – close to one third – belongs to the Bovec municipality. The Bovec area of the Triglav National Park includes Loška Koritnica, Trenta, Bavšica, Soča, Lepena, Zapoden and Zadnjica.