Triglav (2864 m)

Slovenia's highest mountain is surrounded by the tall peaks of the Julian Alps.

The Triglav mountains form the central part of the Triglav National Park, named for the highest summit in Slovenia.

Mountain cabins along the route to Triglav
There are three mountain cabins under Triglav: Planika, Kredarica and Dolič. From Bovec, the trail leads out of the Zadnjica valley up to the Tržaška koča cabin on Dolič (2151 m) Since this is a difficult hike up into the highest mountains, hiring a mountain guide is recommended.

Triglav is a symbol of the Slovenian nation
Triglav plays an important part in Slovenian cultural heritage. Depicted on national symbols and referenced in patriotic literature and music, the mountain has always been used as a symbol of the Slovenian nation. The Aljaž Tower on the summit of Triglav is protected as a Slovenian cultural monument.