Gastronomy in Bovec

The Bovec gastronomy will surprise you with new flavours and a respect for the local culinary tradition.

When it comes to gastronomy in Bovec, few can resist such famous traditional dishes as čompe an skuta, frika, the delicious Bovec or Trenta krafi or Bovec cheese, renowned and highly valued for many centuries.

Čompe an skuta
This traditional, original, organic local starter is prepared from čompe (boiled unpeeled potatoes) and savoury sheep's cottage cheese. Some people also like to add a few slices of Bovec sheep's cheese. Čompe an skuta is a simple but popular Slovenian dish.

Čomparska noč or Potato Night is a popular folklore event named after čompe.

‘Tu suhe mesu’
The chamois was once one of the most commonly hunted animals in this area. Chamois leg joints were then salted and slowly smoked for three days using beech logs and a sprig of juniper. Ram, sheep or goat meat was prepared using the same method.

Even today, some hunters still make tu suhe mesu (dried meat), salamis and sausages. The remaining meat is used for roasts or chamois soup. 

Lamb continues to be a highly valued meat that the people of Bovec enjoyed very rarely in the past, usually not more than once a year (at Easter or Pentecost).

The tender meat was rubbed with garlic and salt and roasted in the oven with a sprig of rosemary for about an hour.

Buški krafi
Buški krafi (Bovec pockets) is a delicious dessert with Bovec pears that was traditionally eaten by locals on Christmas Eve.

The pockets are cooked in salted water and served with a dressing of melted butter, cinnamon and fried breadcrumbs.

While the recipes differ somewhat, they all have one thing in common: kloce (dried pears).

How to make buški krafi:
Boil and mash some kloce (dried pears) to thicken the bulja (filling). Add corn meal, fried onion, ground bure (walnuts) and cvejbe (raisins). Stir in some sugar and a splash of rum. Scald the dough, form pockets and fill them with the bulja.

Čomparska noč or Potato Night is a traditional summer event named after čompe (potatoes); originally a gastronomy festival, today it also offers plenty of entertainment.

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